Welcome to the City of Kingsport’s Geographic Information System (GIS) website.

The first thing people usually ask is “What is GIS”. GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems. Technically speaking, GIS is an information system that stores, displays, edits, analyzes, and shares geographic information.  When most people think of GIS they think maps, but GIS is different things to different people. If you have ever used an online mapping site to get directions from place to place you have utilized GIS technology.  If you have a used a vehicle navigation system you have used GIS technology.   Here at the City of Kingsport we use GIS to support city departments, public officials, citizens, and businesses.  GIS assists us in answering questions concerning location.  What school zone am I in?  What’s my address?  Is my property located in the city or county?  All of these questions are related by where they are located.  GIS is about Location, Location, Location!

The City of Kingsport GIS Division is a full service municipal GIS shop.  We provide spatial information services to all departments and divisions within the City of Kingsport and some of the surrounding local governments from time to time.  We have a varying service area for Emergency Services, Land Use Planning, and Water/Sewer utilities.  Our city limits stretch across two counties and our water utility spans customers in four counties.

The GIS Division currently has GIS applications deployed in the following departments: fire, police, dispatch, planning, building/zoning, city recorder’s office, water, sewer, transit, MPO, transportation and administrative offices.  GIS is used by various City departments for various purposes.  The Planning department may need to know the zoning of a particular property.   GIS in involved in the analysis and site selection when a business is looking for a site to locate by answering questions about income, population, age, and traffic volumes for example.  When the site is chosen GIS passes along data about streams, topography, utility locations, and property boundaries to engineers and surveyors to assist in site planning, design and construction.  GIS is also working behind the scenes to ensure proper addressing of new and existing structures.  A properly designed and maintained addressing system is necessary for efficient delivery of goods and services, included emergency services such as fire, police, and ambulance services.  GIS assigns and maintains building numbers and street names for structures inside the city limits.  GIS helped to assist city management and the fire department with fire station site selection.  GIS can find the most effective site to provide fire service coverage while taking into consideration the location and coverage areas of existing fire stations.  The city Public Works department uses GIS on a daily basis for such things as water and sewer infrastructure location.  GIS is also used in modeling and planning of our water and sewer systems.  These are just a few examples of how GIS has been used within the City of Kingsport in the past couple of years.

We hope that this website will be informative and useful to city departments, public officials, citizens, and businesses.  If you have any comments or suggestions please send them via email to JakeWhite@kingsportTN.gov.