Active Transportation Rest Area

The ATRA is a place where various forms of transportation all come together. It combines pedestrian, public transit, and bicycle facilities in a single location and helps close the last mile for public transit.

This is more than a bus stop, it includes  shelter or shade to escape the elements, it provides food in the form of native plants such as blueberries. Public water,  a place to sit down, and a bicycle tire pump are just the beginning.

The World’s First ATRA is located at Frank Cloud Park in Kingsport, Tennessee. It was installed by the City of Kingsport TN Parks and Recreation Department on December 28, 2015!

The ATRA has been cited specifically in multiple studies and presentations, including but not limited to:

Kingsport Greenbelt North-South Connector Study

Reedy Creek Study

Bike Pump at Frank Cloud Park
Photo at Frank Cloud Park