The department was organized as a volunteer unit when it began and in 1917, when the City of Kingsport was incorporated, it became a paid career Department.

The department currently operates 9 Engine companies, 1 Ladder company and a Deputy Chief out of eight stations, twenty four hours a day, to protect the citizens of Kingsport. The Kingsport Fire Department responds to a number of emergency situations including serious medical incidents, Fires (of course) , hazardous materials releases, wrecks, and specialized rescue calls.

You may see us on the interstate, in your neighborhood, at the hospital or local industry.

All stations are ready to go 24 hours a day, we never close.

We are set up to have a quick response time to our citizens.

Our job is to serve and we don’t take it lightly.

We were one of the first Internationally Accredited Fire Departments in the World and remain one today.