Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the funding come from?

The programs are federally funded by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and help meet one of HUD’s National Objectives to benefit low- and moderate-income persons.

My household income is only $100 above the maximum income limit. Can I still receive assistance?

No, the total gross annual household income may not exceed the maximum limit.

Are mobile homes eligible for the Kingsport Alliance for Housing Revitalization Programs?

Mobile homes (single and double-wide) are not eligible for the Kingsport Alliance for Housing Revitalization Programs. Modular homes on a permanent foundation are eligible.

What types of improvements are ineligible?

Improvements that are defined as unnecessary cosmetic repairs, luxury items or fixtures that are not permanently affixed to the property, including but not limited to: additions, pools, fireplaces, landscaping, washers, dryers and microwaves.

How do I apply for the program?

You may contact the Community Development Office at (423)224-2877 and request a KAHR Program Application. You may also download the application here. Complete the application and income questionnaire and return the packet to: City of Kingsport, Community Development Office, 415 Broad Street, Kingsport, TN, 37660.

When your application and income questionnaire is received your name will be placed on the waiting list. Community Development Staff will notify you when your name approaches the top of the waiting list.

How can I receive assistance without being placed on the waiting list?

You may be placed at the top of the waiting list if you have an urgent medical situation in which immediate improvements are required. Proof of a medical priority shall be obtained through a doctor’s letter specifying the type of medical emergency threatening the occupants’ health and how the specific improvements will benefit this condition.

When am I required to repay the forgivable loan and what am I responsible for?

Anyone receiving repair assistance of more than $10,000 under KAHR programs is subject to repayment of the forgivable loan when they sell, rent, refinance for equity, secure a home equity loan or otherwise convey the property within five (5) years from completion.

One-Fifth (1/5) of the loan becomes forgivable after the anniversary of the completion date. After five (5) years the full balance of the loan is forgiven.

Who is responsible for the repair of my home?

You are responsible to the city for ensuring that all of the work described is completed under a rehabilitation contract between yourself and the contractor. The city will provide funding and technical assistance, however, is not a party to the contract.

I just found out about the Kingsport Alliance for Housing Revitalization Programs after I spent money the last month for repairs on my home. Can I get reimbursed for the money spent?

No, you cannot be reimbursed for money that has been spent prior to receiving assistance.

Do I have to find the contractors to work on my home?

No, program staff will bid the projects to qualified contractors licensed through the Community Development Qualified Contractor List. You may request or suggest contractors to be invited to bid your project, however they must also be licensed and meet all other contractor eligibility requirements.

What is the R.A.M.P. Program?

The Kingsport Alliance for Housing Revitalization (KAHR) offers the R.A.M.P (Ramp Access Made Possible) Program and utilizes volunteer labor by First Broad Street UMC. Volunteers donate their time to assemble the wheelchair access ramps at the homes of seniors. This program is available to seniors 62 and older and at or below 80% AMI. The Kingsport Alliance for Housing Rehabilitation utilizes CDBG funds in order to purchase the materials needed to build free ramps.