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*Report Card Evaluation by Dr. Kathleen Beine

Livable Kingsport Collaborative

AARP Livable Community Initiative

Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Livability Report

Meeting Schedule and Topics

  1. Demographics/Statistics (Jeff Fleming, Assistant City Manager for Development)
  2. Leisure Services (Chris McCartt, Assistant to the City Manager)
  3. Financial Update (John Campbell, City Manager)
  4. Sidewalks (Ryan McReynolds, Public Works Director)
  5. Home Revitalization (Chris McCartt, Assistant to the City Manager)
  6. Code Enforcement (John Blessing, Code Enforcement Officer)
  7. Police (Dale Phipps, Deputy Chief)
  8. Fire (Scott Boyd, Deputy Chief)
  9. United Way (Jill Salyers)
  10. Pioneering Healthier Communities (Kim Rucker, YMCA)
  11. YMCA (Charlie Glass)

Model City Coalition Reports

VISSCOR (2005) – Visiual Image Study Code and Ordinance Review

Chapter 1 Executive Summary

Chapter 2 List of Potential Projects

Chapter 3 Potential Funding Sources

Chapter 4 Visual Image Study Results

Chapter 5 VIS Data & Analysis

Chapter 6 Analysis of Past Visioning Efforts

Chapter 7 Community Vision Synthesis

Chapter 8 Public Policy Analysis: City Plans & Studies

Chapter 9 Planning Recommendations

Chapter 10 Code Analysis & Recommendations