Year 1 OneKingsport Project List

Housing – 46%
Expand housing development cost reduction options
Improve code enforcement
Study creation of neighborhood leadership panel
Guidelines for creation of Neighborhood Councils
Market nearer to career benefits (M2K* budget)  
Forgivable home improvements loans (in current CDBG** budget for low income families)
Market retiree and military friendly locale to movers (M2K budget)
Redevelopment of public housing
*M2K – Move to Kingsport
**CDBG – Community Development Block Grant

Downtown Improvement – 17%
Downtown Master Plan
Target Downtown retail, restaurants, incentives
Improve greenspace in Downtown
Tactical urbanism (small projects/big impacts)
Historic designation for Broad Street/Enhance Tax Credit Availability
Downtown Lighting (addition study needed)

Arts & Entertainment – 17%
Outdoor Venue Space – General Shale Land Purchase
Outdoor venue Space Consultant – Environmental Review
Public Mural Program

Job Creation & Entrepreneurship – 9%
Develop initial plan for a product Creation Center
Create a Makerspace summit
Economic Development Portal

Destination City Investments – 5%
Bays Mountain Business Plan
Reservoir Road local match
Provide resources for increased landscaping and maintenance citywide
Riverfront Development
Directional Signage for assets
Enhance appearance of Cement Hill
Infrastructure and Utility upgrades for Bays Mountain Park

Health & Wellness – 3%
Continue support of Healthy Kingsport
Study regulatory incentives and options for developments to include healthy infrastructure
Study private incentives for business to improve health outcomes for employees
Increase awareness of access points to healthy infrastructure
Study private incentives for restaurants to offer healthy options
Prepare facility plan for Health Resources Center at Lynn View

Higher Education -3%
Master Plan Academic Village