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YourGOV is an innovative citizen request application that allows community members to conveniently report non-emergency issues and service requests using the web or a smartphone.

In just three steps, YourGOV users can submit common issues — such as potholes, street light outages, water leaks and more — complete with location, details and photos. Once submitted, YourGOV will automatically deliver requests to the city’s public works department where they are reviewed and routed for proper handling.

Since the app launched in Kingsport, Public Works departments, such as traffic, have seen a reduction in number of calls received. Less calls means city employees are correcting issues reported more efficiently, which leads to a cost savings for the city.

YourGOV is free and is available for use anytime. To visit YourGOV online, go to and click on the YourGOV tab located on the homepage. If smartphone users would like to download the app, please visit the iTunes app store or Google Play store.

To see the YourGOV app in action, check out the video on

The YouGOV app is not to be used for emergency situations. If it is an emergency, citizens should call central dispatch at 423-246-9111. If the emergency requires an immediate response, citizens should call 911.