On behalf of everyone at NETWORKS-Sullivan Partnership and all of our partners, thank you for visiting our website. We trust that you will rely on this site as your all-inclusive resource for everything related to economic development in Northeast Tennessee.

Our region is a great place to live and work! Through a cooperative spirit of working together, a dedicated workforce, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Northeast Tennessee has become a leader in recruiting quality jobs.

Whether you are a company already located here or looking to relocate to Northeast Tennessee, we have the tools to help you achieve your goals. NETWORKS consists of business leaders and government officials who possess years of experience in assisting companies with relocation or expansion opportunities.

We look forward to working with you in the future! Remember, with NETWORKS-Sullivan Partnership, you can get there from here!


Richard S. Venable

NETWORKS-Sullivan Partnership is the economic development organization for Sullivan County and its municipal sectors of Bluff City, Bristol and Kingsport.

Our primary mission is promoting the creation of new jobs for the residents of the county. Assisting our existing companies is a major part of that mission. While most of our services focus on the needs of new companies, many of the services are available to existing Sullivan County companies, particularly those expanding their facilities and/or employment base.

Located in the Tri-Cities TN/VA metro area, our region is recognized for its natural beauty. We also feature a quality, dependable workforce that takes pride in producing superior products and delivering unparalleled services.

At NETWORKS, we strive to put our region to work for you. Whether it’s assisting your company with an incentive package or asset management, NETWORKS has the tools to help you reach your goals. Our board of directors and partners hold a wide range of leadership positions in various businesses, so we know what you are looking for when locating in a new community.

Any successful venture requires a team effort. Put the NETWORKS team to work for your vision and see the results.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2006

Annual Report 2007

Our Services
Technical Information Coordination

  • Engineering studies
  • Geotechnical/due diligence
  • Planning/zoning
  • Land use options
Bond board owned parks and land
Partnership owned parks and land
Asset maintenance coordination
Web site real estate postings
Industrial Directory
We maintain a list of all industries in the county. It is updated annually with the current number of employees. For convenience this list is available on our website.
Small Business Loans
The Sullivan County Industrial Development Board can provide loans of $500 for each new job created up to a total of $12,500 to assist new and expanding companies’ move into new facilities in Sullivan County. The loans are forgiven after one year; provided employment projections are met.
Target industry/business studies

  • State of Tennessee
  • Power Distributors’ Network (RIDA)
  • Tri-Cities Business Alliance
Trade shows
Company visits
Consultant visits
Relationship management

  • Existing business/industry program
  • New business/industry program
Prospect Identification
Proposal delivery
Incentives Presentations

  • With state partners
  • Local/county opportunities
Contract Negotiations

  • Land
  • Incentives
  • Other
Deal Closings

  • Land
  • Incentives
  • Other
Targeted presentations