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The City of Kingsport will begin its annual bulk leaf collection beginning Monday, October 12.  In order to make the collection process as efficient as possible, citizens are requested to:

  • Place the leaves within 8 ft. of the edge of the street but not in the street.
  • Not block storm drains or neighbors’ driveways with piles of leaves
  • Make sure leaf piles remain accessible by not parking vehicles on top or beside the leaves
  • Take care not to include rocks, sticks or other debris in the pile that would damage the large vacuums used for collection

There are no set days or times for leaf collection. The city is divided into six zones with each street being run in that area before moving to the next zone. Depending on volume and availability of equipment, the general time frame for this free residential service can run as short as a week and up to 3 weeks during peak season. Each zone with be will be serviced at least 9 times during the season and will continue until January 15, 2021. If you bag your leaves, place them with your yard waste and they will be picked up on your regularly scheduled trash & yard waste collection day.

Normally, between 1,800 and 2,000 tons of leaves are collected each year. The leaves are taken to the city’s demolition landfill where they are composted. The composted material is both used for city projects and sold to the public.

For more information on where the trucks are working each day, call the Leaf Line at 423-224-2429 or visit the ‘leaf line’ webpage.