The City of Kingsport is committed to building a smarter, greener and more sustainable community that works coopeatively with other local governments in the region to advance Northeast Tennessee as a whole. Measuring our City to other benchmarks around the nation is one way to gauge our progress. Listed below are just a few of the acknowledgements Kingsport has garnered in recent years.

Kingsport’s Awards

The City of Kingsport is proud to be the winner of the 2009 Ash Institute’s Innovations in American Government Award from Harvard Univerity. The Kingsport’s Higher Education Initiative, including the Downtown Academic Village, Higher Education Center, Regional Center for Applied Technology, Regional Center for Health Professions, and Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing, have been recognized by the prestigious Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation in conjunction with the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University as the overall winner of the Ash Institute’s Innovations in Government Award. For more, please click here.

The City of Kingsport was recognized with a 2009 Tennessee Municipal League Achievement Award for Community Progress on Tuesday, June 16, 2009, during TMLs 70th Annual Conference at the Chattanooga Convention Center. For more click here.

Siemens Sustainable Communities Award, a partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, acknowledged the City of Kingsport with its inaugural Sustainable Community Award in fall 2008. For more, please click here.

Spring 2008 Walk! Magazine awarded Kingsport with a Most Walkable Community Award. For more, please click here.

Kingsport and the Tri-Cities region were named an “All-American City” in 1999 by the National Civic League, the League’s creation of a new contest category acknowledging the importance of region’s that work collaberatively in advancing opportunity for all citizens. According to NCL, Since 1949 the All-America City Award has encouraged and recognized civic excellence, honoring communities of all sizes (cities, towns, counties, neighborhoods and regions) in which citizens, government, businesses and voluntary organizations work together to address critical local issues.